Professional video, photo and web services


Professional video, photo and web services

  • Photography

    Look your best

    Are you looking to obtain some high quality photography of you and your team, showcasing your organization? Put your best foot forward.

    Let Ekoot help capture original high resolution photos, providing you great content for your marketing needs. Offering corporate, event, & portraiture photography services.

  • Video Production

    Video Content Generation

    Have you noticed the explosion of video content on the web? Are you trying to produce good video but don't know how?

    Ekoot can teach you how to capture high quality footage, leaving the editing to us. Or, you can leave the whole thing up to the experts. Professional results guaranteed, either way.

  • Web

    Web design and development

    Need a modern looking, strong web presence? Looking to refresh your existing website, or implement a whole new one?

    Building a website is more than just coding - your website represents the integration of your brand. Ekoot ties in all the elements to provide you with an integrated brand and message.


Check out some sample projects


Check out some sample projects

Corporate Photography

Corporate photoshoots with some recent clients

Let Ekoot come into your office to capture some headshots, and also get some of those candid moments that represent your business. A photoshoot will provide you with your own stock images that make your website or marketing material look authentic. Pictures can be used on your website, or in any of your marketing material.

Event Photography

Providing some unique pictures of your event

Whether it's a photobooth at your next party, some great pictures of your amateur sports team in action, or any other event, by working with Ekoot, you get more than great pictures. You get strong visuals that you can use to promote your organization beacuse we're always thinking about reinforcing your brand.

Corporate Videos

Some recent videos produced by Ekoot

We work with you to help make your vision a reality, and produce a professional video that looks great and communicates your message clearly and concisely. From initial brainstorm, to script development, onsite shoot,
offline and online editing, you will be part of the process all the way through.

Your video, produced by Ekoot

Produce more content and build an audience - we'll help, making your videos look professional

Let's face it, today you can capture some pretty stunning footage with consumer level cameras. If you are itching to produce lots of content, but want to add that touch of professionalism, Ekoot offers training on video shoot setups (equipment), presentation (on camera presentation tips), as well as advice on how to pitch your product or service.

Send the raw footage to Ekoot over the web (we use DropBox) and push your content out to your audience within 24 hours to a few days, with that added touch of professionalism.

Corporate Website

As financial planner, Duane Francis needed his website to reflect the professional level of service he and his team provide.

Ekoot worked closely with Duane to determine his needs and the required functionality for a new website.

The site was re-designed, and a revised brand was positioned - - a strong, unified brand. This project included a photoshoot for Duane and his staff.

Visit Duane's Site

Client: Duane Francis
Date: August 2013

Sports Team Website

GO Kingfish, a non-profit, inclusive competitive swim team based in Ottawa, was in need of a brand refresh. Ekoot developed a marketing plan, and assembled a team of volunteer parents to develop new content, and structure existing information in a more straightforward manner.

A key aspect of the new web presence was the inclusion of professional graphics, photography and the use of social media to share dynamic content. In this case Ekoot worked more on the design of a new logo, and the supply of news, photography and other elements such as newsletters. A very talented web developer / swimming parent (Randy Byers) is the developer for the site, and maintains the site.

Visit GO Kingfish' Website

Client: GO Kingfish
Date: February 2012

Corporate Website

Christine Rioux, a registered psychotherapist has established a successful practice in eastern Ottawa (Orleans), helping families and children deal with stress, anxiety and depression. Ekoot worked closely with Christine to find a suitable name and website address. Since Christine's business is mainly driven by local customers, the name "Orleans-Counselling" was chosen to improve search engine rankings and make her practice easy to locate.

Christine's site was completely developed from the ground up, with contents written in french and english.

Visit Christine's Site

Client: Christine Rioux
Date: December 2012

Real Estate Website

SKSParadise is a site dedicated to marketing a rental property located near Orlando, Florida. The client came to Ekoot looking for a way to promote their new investment in order to get bookings in their rental property. Ekoot worked with the client to identify a website address that was unique and memorable (SKS are the family's initials, and the property resort is known as Paradise Palms).

With this easy to remember web address and all of the relevant information located on the website, the call to action when people inquire about the property is always to check out

The website was designed, developed, and is maintained by Ekoot. The client achieved success within a few weeks of the site's implementation, securing bookings through the marketing efforts.

Visit SKS Paradise

Client: SKS Paradise
Date: August 2013


Meet some of of our valued clients


Meet some of our valued clients

Clients are at the core of our business. At Ekoot, we have the same entrepreneurial spirit as our clients, we are passionate about achieving a high degree of quality in everything we do.

Need a reference before getting started on your next big project?
No problem, we'll put you in touch with any one of these clients.

  • IBSystems

    Industry: Web Marketing

    Services provided:
    Video production services, media training

  • Hydro Ottawa

    Industry: Utility

    Services provided:
    Production videos for internal events

  • Christine Rioux

    Industry: Wellness

    Services provided:
    Photoshoot, website, integrated branding

  • Duane Francis

    Industry: Financial

    Services provided:
    Photoshoot, website, integrated branding

  • Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

    Industry: Fundraising

    Services provided:
    Video production services

  • Hansen Ottawa

    Industry: Landscaping

    Services provided:
    Corporate video production

  • Hamre Re/MAX Team

    Industry: Real Estate

    Services provided:
    Video listings within 24 hrs

  • Canadian Patient Safety Institute

    Industry: Public Health

    Services provided:
    Voice over (French) for training videos

  • GO Kingfish

    Industry: Amateur Sport

    Services provided:
    e-marketing, video production, newsletters


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